YouTube Video as Background For Your Website

YouTube Video as Background For Your Website

Still using a single static image as the background for your website?

If you could consider placing moving images, like an animation or an auto-playing video clip, in the background of your web pages, your users will surely get a richer  & more impressive experience on your website with digital marketing company in surat.

One of the most popular web design trends in recent time is using browser sized video backgrounds for your website. In a creative way big video backgrounds have brought about a new era of web design . If executed with proper planning video backgrounds add considerable effect to a website & making it more appealing.

In this blog we (iced InfoTech) Digital marketing company in Surat, will assist you to know how easily you can build video backgrounds for your websites. One good quality about video backgrounds is that they run very smoothly compared to JavaScript animated backgrounds. Many big companies like Bing, adidas etc are using background video to communicate their message or a story about products and services in a creative way.

a common way to create video backgrounds is by using the HTML5 video tag along with some CSS. On the web Using hosted videos such as YouTube as the source of a video background. This blog will tell you how to make a video background site using YouTube 7 if you have any confusion you can hire an online  marketing company in Surat for clear vision. You tube background video we will do it by using jQuery plug-in, BigVideo.js or Tubular. These tools allow you to use a series of videos or a single as background for your web page. Another way of doing this is by using HTML and CSS tags (No JavaScript) to place any YouTube video on your web page background.

In creating a website with a video background First and foremost you must be clear on what visitors want to see on your website on the webpage. Following are the list for set up you should keep in mind 

  •  Video should be short & clear (around 15-30 second)
  • as far as possible the audio has to be muted, (If you desire to put sounds,make sure it’s not annoying.)
  • It must be set to auto play.
  • make sure that text or headers in front of the video need to be clear, concise and readable.

Our markup will have three sections in HTML as

  • Big-background
  • About-section
  • Small-background-section

The Big-background section will stand as our video background section while the rest of the two sections will form the main content of the website. Once you put the contents on each section, you need to add markup for the Big-background section by using the jQuery.mb.YTPlayer plug-in. When you do this, in the background use actual video Id of the you tube video you can also use YouTube’s IFRAME tags to insert the video so that it occupies the entire page of your website. Along with this you need to set the z-index to negative so that the YouTube video layer will appear a few levels below the main content of the page.

One major downside is that The YouTube video background will not work on mobile and tablet devices due to the restriction policy followed by all on managing multimedia files via JavaScript. By default it returns to the original player format when used on the said devices.

Final Words:

Video is a great way to deliver messages to your audience. It can be a strong component to add to your website. If used properly & in an effective manner with proper social media marketing company in surat, videos are one of the best ways to give an excellent user-experience to your audience. 

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