The Object of re-designing a website

The Object of re-designing a website

With the digital marketing space moving at a rapid speed, having an old - outdated website can have a negative impact on your business. it’s important to understand and acknowledge the effective part your website plays in your customer possession efforts and the overall impact that it has on sales and revenue of your business.There may be many  purposes behind the motive of re-designing a site. Without understanding the reason and knowing what changes need to be made, a new design would not be worth even.Maybe your site is looking outdated and you feel it’s time for a change, or maybe there’s an issue of stagnant traffic and decreasing conversions you want to tackle by redesigning.companies that initiate the website redesign process generally have goals – increased online presence, better user experience, higher conversion,increase in profit & revenue. 

A website redesign is a significant change of the code, content, structure, and visuals of your current website to better serve your visitors. Making a site look beautiful and attractive is important but, what is more important is its utility for both – the business owner as well as the visitors.You will need to hire the best website design services in surat of experienced professionals who can focus on the motives of re-designing your site and work towards achieving them, if you want to have a successful position in your industry. you should consider the following reasons to redesign your website  

Your website is outdated:

If your website is over 2-3 years old, you are likely lagging behind in design trends With design trends changing every few years a website that is two or three years old can easily seem outdated when compared to a competitor who has a website that is up to date with the latest design trends. approximately 75% of people will judge the credibility of your business based solely on the design of your website.The wonderful world of the web has progressed and the fight to capture your prospect’s attention is only getting more intense! he latest design trends now call for a flat design utilizing simple patterns that are two dimensional with a clean, modern look that caters to mobile interfaces as well as desktops. It takes a simple, minimalistic approach to design, which has been embraced by many companies.

Website is not Responsive:

Responsive design makes a website easily adaptable to fit the screen sizes of any mobile device. more users are browsing the internet with their mobile phones and tablets compared to desktop users.A responsive design makes it possible for visitors to navigate your website easily across all these unique devices, providing a great user experience.It is more annoying that exploring a site where you will need to use your fingers to enlarge each page to read the text or having your thumb constantly clicking on the wrong link! Having a mobile and tablet-friendly website is important.This will inevitably affect your credibility, click-through rate, lead generation and sales.

It does not accurately reflacts your brand:

it’s extremely important for your website to portray a strong brand image that represents your company accurately and captures the essence of your brand.  
Whether your audience has changed or your site never been ‘quite right’, it’s important for established businesses to have a presence online that aligns with the brand and, if applicable, aligns with their real world presence.  A stronger brand image has the ability to take small businesses and entrepreneurs and make them stand out among their larger competitors, leveling the playing field. 

Your Target Audience Changed:

If you reach out to the target audience in online campaigns you are really close to success. Maybe you were targeting a certain demographic or user group, and, with the release of a new product or service, you’re shifting your target personas or market strategy. Targeting the right audience means better results in your activities, so for marketers, it is one of the crucial steps.Thus, a website redesign may need to take place to align your website with the expectations of your new user groups. 

Its Not User Friendly / Mobile Friendly:

Majority of  website visitors may be using different mobile devices such as an iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Samsung Note etc. A responsive design makes it possible for visitors to navigate your website easily across all these unique devices, providing a great user experience. If your website makes it tough for your user to discover content and a headache to understand your offerings, you have not only left a poor first impression, your prospect will likely bounce off your site never to return!If your website is not mobile friendly and a large portion of your visitors are originating from a mobile device, you may be losing visitors and experiencing a higher bounce rate than usual. This will directly affect your business, because it will cost you valuable leads.

It is not Listed in Google:

For any business to succeed online and win leads it’s vital that future and existing clients can find them online. The internet is constantly expanding and competition is ramping up at a rapid rate.If your old site hasn’t been setup for SEO or uses outdated tech and strategies such as flash graphics, hidden text or just poor site architecture, Google will find it difficult to locate. 

Improve website Security:

The responsibility for website security is now in your hands, yet, many owners do not know how to make their website safe. Hackers aggressively target security flaws in popular web software, and the programs need to be updated to patch security holes. If your website was built years ago and hasn’t been updated since, you are at greater risk for malware and hacking.When customers use an online credit card payment processor, they need to know their data is safe. Visitors do not want their personal information to fall into the wrong hands.Even in the online world, owners must keep customer information safe. Take all necessary precautions and leave no stone unturned. 


Having a modern, fresh, intutive website is key to online business success. While there isn’t a need to redesign your website every year, taking an objective look is crucial to understanding whether your current design is helping you hit your business goals. 

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