How to generate more visit on Facebook & Instagram

How to generate more visit on Facebook & Instagram

You must be wondering? How to drive more visits to your face book & instagram profile. Instagram & Face book are digital marketing platforms to promote & grow your business globally. Instagram & face book as a marketing platform to start a new business to enhance existence. When instagram combined with face book it impact of digital marketing can be increased and it's very easy to use both the media for business generation. Instagram and face book is a fun app for kids as its first impression and has become key app for selling, networking, content marketing, building audience for branding & promotion. It is one of the most popular and in use social networking sites globally with over millions of active members. You can also take help from digital media marketing company in Surat for your business promotion.

You can get business leads from below social media marketing hacks:

1) Upload unique videos:

To convey your message easily & promptly you can schedule videos to your instagram & Face book business profile. In Closer examination it is concluded that people give more attention & engagement in video. In fact as compare to photos video gets more view and comments on an average received twice the amount of comment than other images & post. At this great Growth rate, if you want to see & increase your engagement and organic reach it could be great experiment with videos.

2) Adequate posting Time:

Optimal posting time means when the majority of the audience is online even though instagram uses an algorithmic timeline, optimal posting times are still important. When you are using your face book & instagram business profile you check in insight to find out during entire day when your followers are active. once You identified ideal time for posting you can also schedule posts in advance to ensure consistently high quality content posting.

3) Ask a question:

To encourage your followers to ask for a question and then call for action is one of the fun ways to encourage and interact your followers and with your instagram posts. Hosting a giveaway contest is also a very effective and responsive way to engage viewers. Rather than usual posts giveaway contests generate more comments. To keep things Interesting, fun and exciting give it a few months in between each contest.

4) Post Stories:

According to recent reports more than half users are not creating stories in face book & instagram’s business profile. Before it gets too crowded and common it's a great opportunity to stand out. Creating a stories allows you to grab more attention and stay on top of your followers feed. It could be possible you get new business and even chance of your posts rank higher on their profile.

5) Go Live on Business Profile:

You will appear at the front of the stories feed when you use live video. The "LIVE" status makes your profile photo more prominent. Social media experts found that fans might be visit your page more often to see their content, even if they don't even watch the video. At the top of their feed seeing your logo might encourage your followers to visit your profile and see content?

6) Use Ads:

To grow and expand your organic reach face book and Instagram can be effective tools although it might sound counter-intuitive. When you have a facebook & instagram business profile you can promote your existing business and post from application.

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